Hydraulic Control Valve 200-M Series
Hydraulic Control Valve 200-M Series Title

Hydraulic Control Valve

Control Valve Function:
Hydraulic watering valves that function in pressurized irrigation sistems for extended period without problems such as water impact damage or leakage. The AKKON 200-M Series hydraulic Control Valves can easily be adjusted manually in situations where the pressurized irrigation system must function in predetermined zones in a particular order, by simply manipulating the open/close switches on the valve control panels.

Hydraulic Control Valve Pilot Control Circuit:

☆ The pilot circuit works efficiently for extended periods due to a fully otomatic self cleaning ½” filter
☆ ½” automatic filter in the control circuit, as the pilot DN 1/4″ open close and automatic direction selecting valve, 3/8″ copper or polyamide pipes with pounded brass fittings.
☆ The pilot valve, made with pounded brass, has rustproof interior components.

Hydraulic Control Valve Technical Details:

☆ 60º slanted half linear flow body suitable for attaching to a diaphragm type actuator.
☆ Body encompassing changeable bronze bushing.
☆ Single control type actuator.
☆ Diafphragm; polyamide court fabric knitted double layered neoprene rubber.
☆ The diapragm’s life has been extended indefinitely by passing it and the flap attached to it through a shaft to the upper lid which is housed in bronze bushing.
☆ The inner spring is centered from the exterior to the upper lid and flap, and attached to the upper control reservoir.
☆ The wear resistant, rectangularly designed flap rubber is attached to a changeable flap.
☆ All control valve parts can be replaced easily without having to detach the valve body from the fixture.
☆ All valves are coated with wear resistant, kiln fired electrostatic EPOXY coating.
☆ All valves are submitted to hydrostatic and function tests.
☆ All valves are submitted to hydrostatic and function tests.

Irrigation Application (Zoning)

Hydraulic Control Valve 200-M Series Network Aplication

Fixture Assembly Details:

1- AKKON 200-M Series Hydraulic Control Valve

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