Solenoid Control Valve 210 Series
Solenoid Control Valve 210 Series Title

Solenoid Control Valve

Control Valve Function:
These control valves open and close to an electrical signal. Normally they are assembled to the fixture in a closed or open position. Electrical signals are given to the selenoid valves directly by instruments such as breaker time relay, clock, probe, level relay, pressure and heat sensor or PLC controller. When a pressurized irrigation system that has several extensions needs to be operated, the electric signals sent from the control panels open the AKKON 210 Series Normally Closed Selenoid valves. When the signal cuts off the valves close. This product is more suitable for large flow capacity (flow and pressure) with DN50-DN500 diameter, than regular direct activation Selenoid valves.
The water level in the embedded tank is controlled by the control panel with electrodes. AKKON 210 Series electronically commanded selenoid valves which have been placed between the conduction lines and the depo, open and shut with signals from the contacts of elektrodes and level relays. Consequently the water level stays within the preset level.

Solenoid Control Valve Pilot Control Circuit:

☆ The pilot circuit works efficiently for extended periods due to a fully automatic self cleaning ½” filter
☆ The fittings in the control circuit are ½” automatic filter, as the pilot DN 1/8”-1/4”3/2 multiport open/close valve normally selenoid.
☆ Manual open/close featured with ¼ selective valve added to the pilot.
☆ The pilot valve, made with pounded brass, has rustproof interior components.
☆ Function with AC and DC voltage.
☆ Selenoid valves electrical features :
☆ AC 50Hz – 24-230 V
☆ DC 6-12-24V
☆ Other general use is compatible to NEMA-1

Solenoid Control Valve Technical Details:

☆ 60º slanted half linear flow body suitable for attaching to a diaphragm type actuator.
☆ Body encompassing changeable bronze bushing.
☆ Single control type actuator.
☆ Diafphragm; polyamide court fabric knitted double layered neoprene rubber.
☆ The diapragm’s life has been extended indefinitely by passing it and the flap attached to it through a shaft to the upper lid which is housed in bronze bushing.
☆ The inner spring is centered from the exterior to the upper lid and flap, and attached to the upper control reservoir.
☆ The wear resistant, rectangularly designed flap rubber is attached to a changeable flap.
☆ All control valve parts can be replaced easily without having to detach the valve body from the fixture.
☆ All valves are coated with wear resistant, kiln fired electrostatic EPOXY coating.
☆ All valves are submitted to hydrostatic and function tests.
☆ All control valves are protected against production and labor errors with a 2 year guarantee.


Fixture Assembly Details:

Solenoid Control Valve 210 Series İnstallation Details

Regions Allocation in line (On/Off)

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